Finding community with other parents and caregivers who also want to have these discussions with children can be difficult. A community who thinks these topics of conversation are important to have with young people. Topics that include speaking about bodies and body parts; who can and can’t touch us, and why; what sex is and isn’t. All important elements that help young people make informed decisions about their own lives and bodies.

In almost every workshop series, one particular concern comes up. What will other parents in the family’s community will think of them? What will happen if we start to use appropriate language about bodies with our children?

Body-Positive Parenting – with Casey Blake Facebook Group A community for parents and caregivers to help each other with these discussions.

Or give our young people language and knowledge to speak up when they feel uncomfortable?

These are real concerns. Particularly if your community believes the less children know, the better. This belief is often based on the idea that less information protects young people from harm.

Facebook Groups As A Sense Of Community.

This is why I started the Facebook Group, Body-Positive Parenting – with Casey Blake. So that parents, caregivers and teachers can feel less isolated in their body-positive and sex-positive journeys. This group is a space where people ask questions, share their concerns and start really important conversations. Either from their own profiles, or anonymously where I will post for them. This group is for anyone interested in having these conversations.

There is another group for those who have completed the workshop series. Using Tools for Having The Talks is a Facebook group where more focused discussion can happen. This is because people who have been through the workshops have asked for their own space. So we can continue the safer space they felt the workshops gave them.