See what people have said after attending these workshops:

Casey is wonderful, she was so patient and knowledgeable and I felt like I could ask any question without feeling ashamed. These workshops have made me feel more comfortable in my relationships with my kids as a whole and not just in a “having the talk” way.

The 3 day format of the workshops broke the content into bite size chunks that I could go away and discuss with my partner and contemplate how we were going to implement it in our house.
Monique B
The workshops are casual and very open – I think the group makes it more lively as I did not get any sense of judgment from anyone and everyone acknowledged their “limited” knowledge on anything that was new – it was a fun “Teaching and Learning” experience
Malebogeng S
The space Casey created for engagement was really fantastic. You learn so much from the other attendees in the process and she creates such a safe environment that you feel comfortable sharing personal experiences, deepens the engagement and learning process. Casey is an excellent facilitator and holds the space beautifully.
These tools are vital for every person, especially parents. Casey is absolutely wonderful, kind, generous (especially with her knowledge), wise and very diplomatic.
They went way beyond my expectations – more relaxed and interesting than I thought they would be.
Dori van Loggerenberg
It was so useful finding ways to speak about uncomfortable subjects with my son. I have gained more confidence and I don't hide anything from him that I know he needs to know.
Casey is warm, friendly, and provides a safe space within which to discuss sensitive issues. Having the workshops in 3 parts gave you time to take what was said in a particular workshop and apply it at home to see how well it works.
Natalie Paoli
Casey creates a warm welcoming safe non judgemental space and I can feel her passion for the content she’s prepared and her dedication to over-deliver. I learned a lot that I myself did not know and I loved the abundance of questions stories and examples…I found I can use them in opening dialogues with my sons.
Loren Mielke
I would always recommend Casey. She is incredibly capable and she knows what she’s talking about. She keeps on top of the subjects in her field and she the way she presents it makes it feel as though you are part of her learning and not as though you are being taught.If anyone is in any doubt about how to approach a subject on sexuality with children or adults alike Casey is the person I would recommend.
I was initially skeptical about investing three Sundays into the workshop but I was so surprised by how much more meaningful and practical the series became because I had the chance to implement the things I was learning with my niece and nephew and come back to the group to share how it went, get feedback and listen to how others did the same.
Avri Spilka
Casey is very well informed about how to discuss the body, safe touches, consent, sex and reproduction with your children and she is able to share that knowledge with you in a manner that is easily understandable.
If you want to raise safe children go attend the workshops. I appreciated the information and the possibility to ask questions and get straight answers and peoples experiences.
Angie D
Hi Casey, I wanted to Thank you for the course. As a family we are practicing consent culture and our child is greatly enjoying the new power of it and is so very grateful!

I cannot describe how the course has changed our family. Very empowering and grounding – all families and schools need this information.
Your wealth of knowledge is impeccable, we found ourselves having more questions to ask. The conversation went well and I am overall happy with my new found confidence to discuss such matters with her (my daughter).
Thando M
Casey’s facilitation style is super comfortable and easy to communicate with, makes everyone feel important and part of the workshop.
Angie D
Casey is fantastic – she puts you at ease immediately, she’s thoughtful, knowledgeable, and funny too. She lets the group get carried away if the topic takes us that way, but also brings the focus back when needed. The time in between sessions gave a nice opportunity to put some of the skills into practice and report back the following week.
Dori van Loggerenberg
Coming from a family that does not talk openly about the topics that were covered, this was the most empowering tool .
If you want a safe space to start thinking and talking about bodies in a positive and engaging way then this is the workshop for you! The information is current, relevant and very thorough. You feel at all times that you are in the hands of a professional! The blankets, tea and snacks all work beautifully with Casey’s warm presence to create an environment of comfort and safety.
Casey is extremely knowledgeable and is able to steer the discussion in a direction that encourages learning and discovery, through ‘aha’ moments. Which, to me, is the best way to learn as it sticks more.
Highly recommended. Makes big issues manageable by using common sense and using every day, practical examples to apply. I really appreciated the wide amount of information in the workbooks and the interaction with other parents.
These workshops helped me realise that its never too early to start having certain conversations with my children – to be open and honest on topics which I previously might have thought they were not yet ready for. Learning this skill will allow me to be a source of correct information to them, making them feel comfortable and confident enough to approach me with anything.
Casey creates a relaxed environment to share personal experiences, to learn about evidence based best practice when talking to kids about sexuality, and to critically think through every day dilemmas so you feel more equipped to deal with them when they come up.
Avri Spilka