Tools For Having The Talks

This Workshop Series has been designed for parents, caregivers and teachers. To think about ways to engage with The Talks in less scary ways. So that we feel more comfortable and confident having these talks with the young people in our lives.

There is so much information about sexuality topics easily available and accessible to young people. It is often tempting for parents and other caregivers to think that access to information is enough. That talking about these topics with the children and young people in their care is not necessary.

One of the workshops in 2018 Photographer: Lerissa Kemp

Maybe that is because these topics often leave us, as adults, feeling put on the spot. Many of us did not have the greatest experiences of these talks when we were growing up. This often leaves parents and caregivers feeling overwhelmed with not knowing how to engage with these topics appropriately.

Tools for Having The Talks Workshops focus on shifting communication around awkward topics.

What Happens In The Workshops?

In these workshops, we think about the different messages we were given about bodies and sexuality growing up. Which of those messages do we want to intentionally pass onto the young people in our lives? Which messages we wish we had come across earlier? And which messages have not helped us navigate life, or even made aspects of our lives harder.

Many children do not approach their parents or caregivers with their questions about sexuality and bodies. These workshops unpack why this could be the case in your home. We also speak about ways to shift communication styles so that your young people feel more comfortable coming to you with questions, or conflicting information. Without the fear of being punished or reprimanded for having the information or questions in the first place.