Here are some resources that can be helpful in your journey of having “The Talks” with the children and young people in your care.


Over the years, I have been interviewed on different platforms about these workshops. I am still going through my archives, but so far here are some of them:

Lebo Pule’s Stretch Podcast

Cape Talk (my section begins from 09:27)

Other Fantastic Websites

These sites are some of my favorite places for resources for parents and caregivers to find different kinds of conversation starters.

Sex Positive Families – I actually do not have the words for how much I love SPF! The range of resources on this page are ever growing, including free and paid for work.

Scareleteen is a site that is youth focused, where many young people get their questions answered. Topics cover a very broad range of questions. is a site that is full of great videos for age appropriate conversations.